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Nice to meet you! I’m so glad you ventured over to this page so I can share a bit of my story with you. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and lived in Chicago for 8 years after high school. Then I met a boy and moved across the country with him. Austin and I live in Montana while he’s finishing up school! Our dream when he graduates is to buy a 5th wheel camper, park it on some land, and build our dream home. 

Ambitious, huh?

We want this blog to document the process of concepting and building our home, but for now, we’ll keep writing about how to make the most of rental space.

What we blog about

For now, you’ll find blog posts about our DIY and woodworking projects, decor tips for rental spaces, and homemaking. In the near future, we’ll start blogging about our journey to building a house and what those steps look like. 

You ‘ll find some of our most recent blog posts below and you can follow along even closer by connecting on Instagram @theambitioushome.

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