Christmas Home Decor: Where to Shop for Holiday Decorations in 2020

This year is no joke. 2020 has brought a lot of stress, anxiety, and restlessness to a lot of us. I think that’s exactly why so many people are ready to get to the holiday season. I actually saw a lot of people putting up their Christmas home decor on November 1st and being unapologetic about it.

I’ve never been one for lots of holiday decorations. I never had anywhere to store them in my studio apartment when I lived in Chicago. However, now we have a two bedroom and a LOT more space to get festive!

I was feeling inspired by these early decorators and I, too, hit the stores on November 1st to get myself in the Christmas spirit a little early.

My first stop was Hobby Lobby and November 1st was a Sunday, so we didn’t start out too well (Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays), but I didn’t lose hope! We ended up going to Dollar Tree and Target. Then the next day, I shopped at Hobby Lobby and Walmart.

I thought I’d give you a taste of what I found and which stores have the BEST Christmas home decor so far. So, here they are starting with the best:

Hobby Lobby

I honestly forget how much I love Hobby Lobby until I’m back in the store. I could walk their holiday-themed aisles for hours and not get bored. This was the store I was most excited to visit for Christmas home decor shopping and it did not disappoint! I love how they have their holiday items sectioned off into different themes like farmhouse Christmas, traditional Christmas, and more.

Not to mention that even on November 2nd, all of their holiday decor was 50% off, so it was all extremely affordable!

Here’s a look at what I got from Hobby Lobby:


Target is, of course, near the top of my list of places to shop for Christmas home decor. I specifically fall in love with their Hearth & Hand section just about every time I’m in the store. All of their items are so aesthetically pleasing and I want my entire home to look like that section.

Aside from the Hearth & Hand section, Target’s dollar section is always a show stopper. They had cute holiday kitchen towels, small trees to put just about anywhere, ornaments, and more.

Here’s a look at what I got from Target:


I think we all know and love Etsy as the place to go for adorable, handmade goods. If you choose to shop here, just make sure you know whether the item you’re buying is made to order or already made. If it’s made to order, make sure you purchase it with enough time for it to be made and shipped to you before the holidays.

I was specifically on the lookout for holiday prints to frame and hang up on my wall. I found some amazing watercolor prints from Eide Design Shop. Here’s what they looked like:


Michael’s is my go-to for anything DIY. I was able to find frames for my DIY wreaths as well as a few random things like a glue gun, some artificial greenery and other essential DIY supplies. I’m sure different stores carry different items, but the Michaels by me didn’t have a lot of premade decorations for sale which is why I say they are my go-to specifically for DIY projects.


Walmart actually had quite a few things I was really excited about this year! The best find so far was large jar yankee candles for only $10. Most of them were Christmas and holiday scents, too. They also had some really cute mugs this year, too. When we visited, Walmart was still in the process of putting out all of their Christmas decor, so we might have to stop in again to see what they added.

Dollar Tree

I’m not usually a Dollar Tree shopper, but Kiki Chanel mentioned them in one of her YouTube vlogs recently, so I decided to stop in. Like Walmart, they were just putting out their Christmas decor when I visited, so I probably haven’t seen everything they have to offer. That said, they did have a few cute things while I was there.

I picked up a few wood ornaments to use as decoration on presents as well as some red and wood kitchen utensils to set out for the holidays.

Guys, I’m new to this!

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, this is the first year I’m going all out with Christmas decorations. I decided to navigate the waters alone and figure out the best places to shop for holiday decor. It’s been such a fun, creative few weeks figuring out a color scheme, buying things to go with it, and setting it all up!

If I missed your favorite store, add it to the comments below and why you like to shop there for Christmas decor!


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